Have you ever needed one last push to get something done?

The Nudge Theory emerged in 2008 from the mind of economist Richard Thaler so that we can literally help give people a “nudge” so they can make those decisions that can benefit them. The creator of the Nudge theory, American Richard H. Thaler, was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics for “his contribution to behavioral economics”. The concept of nudging (a term coined by Thaler) is how to “nudge” people to make decisions that benefit them in the long run, something that has influence on both economics and politics. Thaler demonstrated how such “nudging” can help people exercise better self-control. “The nudge theory is based on the simple premise that, between two choices, people often choose the one that is easier over the one that is more suitable,” said BBC economics editor Kamal Ahmed. The nudge theory takes this into account by placing, for example, healthy food on the supermarket shelf that is at eye level with customers. This “nudges” the person to buy it so they can eat a healthier diet.


What we do

We are a team of leading professionals from different areas who decided to unite in the essence of a common purpose. We are a team that believes that sustainability is a way of thinking and a lifestyle, we believe in education as the key to sustainable consumption, we believe that a change in consumer behavior is possible because we have everything to make it happen.