Every day millions of tons of garbage are dumped into the oceans and rivers around the world. But the material that does the most damage, the one that pollutes the waters the most, the one that sickens marine life the most, is plastic.

What does a fishing net have in common with a basketball net? Absolutely everything, because both are networks. The exception is a net in the ocean pollutes and endangers marine life and a net on a field challenges. Scoring this point will be the first in a long game. But it is the point at which the game begins. And we are all invited to play.

Once we understood every part of the problem, we went in search of partners to join the cause. Thus, we allied with Ecoballution, a company that promotes the collection and transformation of fishing nets from the oceans into basketball nets. Ecoballution is a company that teamed with the maker of basketball nets which are handmade by the women weavers of the Redeiras Illa Da Estrela association. And so, not only do we avoid marine waste, but we also add value to the artisanal work of the women who give life to their tradition.

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